Makhamali Mala (For Bhaitika)

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Bhai Tika is one of the most important days of the second biggest festival of Nepal. Bhai Tika is a tradition where a sister worships their brothers and get a gift from their brothers in return. Sisters apply tika to the forehead of their brothers to thank them for all their love and support and to protect them from the bad.

Sister put 7 different colors of tika to their brothers, for which it is also known as saptarangi tika. Along with the tika, the brothers are also offered with the garlands of flowers and makhamali mala. not only that, sisters also offer sweets and fruits, chocolates, masala poka and worship them in a traditional way. Then after, sisters get gifts in return from their brothers; some get money, some get gifts.

The Newah's from Kathmandu celebrate in the same way except for that they make mandalas and celebrate in the most traditional way.

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