Achar (Pickles)

Gundruk Pickle (Dried Mixed Green Pickle)
Gundruk is one of the national Nepali dish. Gundruk is fermented leafy green vegetable, especially made out of...
Dalla & Bamboo Shoots Pickle (Nepali Tama and Hot Cherry Pepper)
Bamboo shoot, locally known as Tama, is one of the most popular food items in Nepal. It could not only...
Hot & Sweet Mango Pickle
A delicious blend of juicy mangoes and authentic spices with a spicy chilli kick. Delicious and versatile, this pickle make...
Hot & Sweet Lapsi Pickle
For those with a sweet tooth, this sweet lapsee or hog plum pickle is a juicy and luscious...
A variety of carefully selected fruits & vegetables from Nepal are mixed in this exotic Nepali pickle (Achar). Melting into...
Red Chilli & Timmur mixed together to create a distinct flavor, that people from Nepal have come to love for generations.  Ingredients...
Timmur Chopp is a popular Nepali Achaar, mixed with Red Chilli, Garlic and Timmur. Melting into a distinct flavor,...
Red Dalla (Cherry Pepper) in Oil Ingredients : Cherry Pepper, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Spices & Acetic Acid (E-260)...
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