Achar (Pickles)

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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products
Choila Masala (Choila Paste)
Lapsi Pulp
Rato Bhale Lapsi Pulp
Sale price€8,95
Paanche Chop (Mixed Pickle Powder)
Himali Tama (Himalayan Bamboo Shoots) - 1 Kg
Bhatmas and Macha ko Achar
Druk Mango Dalla Pickle in Oil
Druk Dalla Chilli In Brine
Green Chily Pickle (Hariyo Khursani Ko Achaar)
Dalla & Garlic Paste Pickle
Sidra ko Chop
Rato Bhale Sidra ko Chop
Sale price€12,95
Hot & Sweet Lapsi Pickle
NMU Timur ko Chhop (Szechuan Pepper Pickle)NMU Timur ko Chhop (Szechuan Pepper Pickle)
Dalla Pickle In Oil
Rato Bhale Dalla Pickle In Oil
Sale price€9,95
Nepali Bamboo Shoots (Nepali Tama)
Hot Cherry Pepper & Radish Pickle (Dalla Mula)Hot Cherry Pepper & Radish Pickle (Dalla Mula)
NMU Cucumber Pickle (Khalpi)
Silam ko Chop (Perilla Seeds Pickle)
Kinima ko Achar
Rato Bhale Kinima ko Achar
Sale price€7,95
Paicho Bamboo Shoots Pickle
Instant Gundruk Mix
Rato Bhale Instant Gundruk Mix
Sale price€8,95

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