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Kasthamandap Lakha:mari

Aaitha - Kasthamandap Lakha:mari

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Lakhamari is a famous confectionary that plays an auspicious role, especially in the Newah lifestyle. It comes in different shapes & sizes and has a crunchy texture. Larger Lakhamari's are used in social functions, whereas the smaller ones are used for puja and are also used for daily consumption. 

The sweetbread resembles a spiral, round, large twisted-rope shaped (like a wreath) and is prepared from whole gram flour, wheat flour, ghee, sesame seeds, sugar, baking powder.

Aaitha is a popular Lakhamari among Nepali people as it is one of the tastiest Lakhamari. It comes in bite-sized pieces and can be easily consumed.

NET WT: 500gm


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