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Showing 25 - 48 of 235 products
Dry Red Chili WholeDry Red Chili Whole
Peekay Dry Red Chili Whole
Sale price€6,95
Rayo (Mustard Seeds)
Peekay Rayo (Mustard Seeds)
Sale priceFrom €1,95
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Shakkhar (Jaggery)Shakkhar (Jaggery)
Peekay Shakkhar (Jaggery)
Sale price€3,95
Paanche Chop (Mixed Pickle Powder)
Urad Dal (Black Lentil's)
Khadi Shakkar (Mishree)
Peekay Khadi Shakkar (Mishree)
Sale price€2,95
Coriander Powder
Peekay Coriander Powder
Sale price€5,95
Gits Jalebi Mix
Peekay Gits Jalebi Mix
Sale price€1,95
Kashmiri Chili Powder
Peekay Kashmiri Chili Powder
Sale price€7,95
Rato Bhale Special Jhol Titaura
Rato Bhale Lapsi Dallo Masala
Rato Bhale Furundana
Rato Bhale Rato Bhale Furundana
Sale price€4,95
Tareko Spicy Bhatmas (Spicy Soyabean Snacks)
Wai Wai Chicken BhujiaWai Wai Chicken Bhujia
Moong Masyaura (Dried Moong & Taro)
Tokla Masala ChiyaTokla Masala Chiya
Fancy House Tokla Masala Chiya
Sale price€9,95
Himali Tama (Himalayan Bamboo Shoots) - 1 Kg
Bhatmas and Macha ko Achar
Current Hot & Spicy NoodlesCurrent Hot & Spicy Noodles
Druk Mango Dalla Pickle in Oil
Druk Dalla Chilli In Brine
Rato Bhale Nepali Finger ChipsRato Bhale Nepali Finger Chips
Nepali Thukpa NoodlesNepali Thukpa Noodles
Rato Bhale Nepali Thukpa Noodles
Sale priceFrom €4,95
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Pashupati Sano Kerau (Dried Green Beans)Pashupati Sano Kerau (Dried Green Beans)

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