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Showing 1 - 24 of 76 products
Abeer Powder RedAbeer Powder Red
Peekay Abeer Color for Tika
Sale price€4,95
Akabare Dried Cherry Pepper
Alainchi (Black Cardamom)
Assorted Colorful Clay Diyo with WaxAssorted Colorful Clay Diyo with Wax
Ayur Orane Face Pack
Peekay Ayur Orane Face Pack
Sale price€2,95
Ayur Sandal Face Pack
Peekay Ayur Sandal Face Pack
Sale price€2,95
Bikharam Chandmal Boondi LadooBikharam Chandmal Boondi Ladoo
Bikharam Chandmal Kaju KatliBikharam Chandmal Kaju Katli
Bikharam Chandmal Kaju RollBikharam Chandmal Kaju Roll
Bikharam Chandmal kesar PedaBikharam Chandmal kesar Peda
Bikharam Chandmal Rajwadi Soan PapdiBikharam Chandmal Rajwadi Soan Papdi
Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream
Chana DalChana Dal
Peekay Chana Dal
Sale price€4,95
Chili Powder Regular
Peekay Chili Powder Regular
Sale price€4,95
Clay Diyo - 12 ctClay Diyo - 12 ct
Peekay Clay Diyo - 12 ct
Sale price€5,95
Clay Diyo Kangri with Wax - 4 pcsClay Diyo Kangri with Wax - 4 pcs
Clay Diyo Matki with Wax - 7 pcsClay Diyo Matki with Wax - 7 pcs
Clove Whole (Lwang)
Peekay Clove Whole (Lwang)
Sale price€6,95
Copper Bhai Tika PlateCopper Bhai Tika Plate
Peekay Copper Bhai Tika Plate
Sale price€10,95
Coriander Powder
Peekay Coriander Powder
Sale price€5,95
Cumin Powder
Peekay Cumin Powder
Sale price€5,95
Dettol Antiseptic Liquid
Peekay Dettol Antiseptic Liquid
Sale price€6,95
Dried Anchovy (Dry Sidra Fish)Dried Anchovy (Dry Sidra Fish)

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