Ratna Park Pau Bhandar Lapsi Dallo Masala
Lapso Dallo Masala Titaura is made from lapsi (Hog Plum/Choerospondias axillaris), which is native fruit from Nepal. It is...
Chhoyela Titaura (Swadilo Lapsi Candy)
Chhoyela (Pau) titaura is made from Lapsi pulp mixed with salt, sugar, chili, methi, hing. Typical Nepali Flabor Lapsi Candy exclusively...
Mulako Sinki (Dried Radish)
Sinki is prepared from radish tap roots. It is a preserved vegetable similar to gundruk. Sinki is also consumed as a...
Mango Frooti
Mango Frooti juice is made of real mango pulp with no preservatives and protected by the Tetra Pak. Frooti has...
Daura Suruwal Belt
Made from 100% leather and cotton, this belt is specially worn as a fashion accessory with Nepali daura...
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